Apple iOS 17 dynamic island

Apple to redesign Dynamic Island feature with iOS 17

Apple iOS 17 is the upcoming major upgrade for iPhone users that will bring a huge bag of new features, and this time, we could see eye-catching changes for Dynamic Island as well.

According to the latest information, Apple is busy giving some effective changes to the Dynamic Island feature with the iOS 17 operating system. Perhaps, the company could integrate the Siri interface with the respective feature.

Eventually, when you will activate Siri by pressing the home button or using the ‘Hey Siri’ command, it will create an animated sphere, showing the Siri icon in the Display Island, rather than at the bottom of the screen.

Till the time, the virtual assistant will hear your commands, the animation will remain overlaid on the screen. On the flip side, any information or details related to your request will appear as a pop-up window or widget at the bottom of the screen, with a faded background.

Initially, the Siri interface was occupying the entire display screen, when enabled. However, Apple is trying to swap this inconvenience with a more effective interface with iOS 17.

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It is worth mentioning that Apple is testing the transition of Dynamic Island with the Siri interface in the current scenario. Thus, there are huge chances to see this ultimate change in the upcoming upgrade.

Apple iOS 17 dynamic island


Apple to redesign Dynamic Island feature with iOS 17

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