Apple watchOS 10 public beta 7

Apple unveils watchOS 10 with new watch faces, UI features, and more

Apple watchOS 10 has officially landed on the user ground with a variety of new UI features and functions. Eventually, the latest build is considered the milestone software update for Apple Watch due to its dynamic changes. Let’s learn what new features are making their way to your smartwatch.

Apple says, “With watchOS 10, we have revamped the UI and have imposed several features, allowing users to experience Apple Watch like never before.” Perhaps, the update gives users the information that matters most to them at a glance with easier navigations, and new visual languages.

Watch Face:

As of now, watch face highlights widgets in a smart stack. Don’t worry, this won’t hide the screen and let you watch faces without complications. Your watch’s screen will be more informative with just a spin of the Digital Crown.

Meanwhile, you can group and distribute your apps in the form of advanced widgets. There are also two more watch faces – a Pallete, a color-focused face, and Snoopy & Woodstuck from Peanuts.


watchOS 10 also revamps applications for Apple Watch. The world clock now consists of background shades based on the time of day. On the other hand, the Workout app has a new trophy case and full-screen videos for each specific activity.

Perhaps, you don’t need your smartphone every time to glance at a new exercise and can comfortably watch it on your watch’s screen. Ahead, the third-party apps are being redesigned with full-screen layouts.


Your smartwatch will now be able to track your mental state. It focuses on the state of mind, logging on to iPhone and iPad in the Health app. The firmware adds standardized assessments that will help discover risks of anxiety and depression that can be shared with care providers.

Another significant change is Vision Health which has a focus on myopia front and center. Even time for outdoor events can be measured with ambiance sensors. The data will be stored in the Health application. Last but not least, Screen distance on iPad and iPhone can use TrueDepth camera to measure distance while reading to reduce digital eyestrain and discover vision constraints.

Apple watchOS 10 UI features

  • Apple Watch can connect to cycling power accessories over Bluetooth to improve workout tracking
  • Power zones based on FTP are coming to cycling workout tracking
  • Cycling workouts become a Live Activity on iPhone when tracked from Apple Watch. Tapping the Live Activity takes over the iPhone display to view speed and workout metrics while cycling
  • Hiking experience upgraded with Compass. And cellular connection waypoint shows the last connection to the cellular. The emergency waypoint shows where you can call from any carrier network, and has a 3D view of waypoints
  • Maps on Compass enhanced with trail routes and topographical view
  • Workout APIs for developers allow third-party apps to access high-frequency motion data to improve golf and tennis tracking

Apart from these points, you may find some additional changes such as NameDrop, Offline maps integration, new meditation apps, Apple Fitness+ plans, and more. Currently, the watchOS 10 beta is available for developers. However, you can check whether your wrist gadget is eligible for this upgrade or not.

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Eligible Devices

  • Apple Watch Series 4
  • Apple Watch Series 5
  • Apple Watch Series 6
  • Apple Watch SE (1st and 2nd gen)
  • Apple Watch Series 7
  • Apple Watch Series 8
  • Apple Watch Ultra

Apple watchOS 10 UI features


Apple unveils watchOS 10 with new watch faces, UI features, and more

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