Apple watchOS 10.1 beta 2

Apple watchOS 10.1 update will support Double Tap gesture

Apple watchOS 10 is in the fame but it looks like the company has already started working on a new upgrade with impressive features for its wearables. According to the information, the watchOS 10.1 software update will support the Double Tap gesture for Apple smartwatches.

Recently, the well-known YouTuber Marques Brownlee dropped some clues regarding the upcoming watch upgrade. As per the shared inputs, the Apple watchOS 10.1 beta firmware is likely to be available for testers by the next week.

The YouTuber further cited that the watchOS 10.1 update for the Apple Watch will enable the Double Tap gesture, allowing users to tap on their wrist gadget with index finger and thumb together twice to perform certain operations.

For instance, stop a timer, play/ pause music, snooze an alarm, answer and end a phone call, open the Smart Stack, and more without even touching the smartwatch screen. Let’s see what else we will grab in the next week on this matter.

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Apple watchOS 10.1 double tap


Apple watchOS 10.1 update will support Double Tap gesture

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