Apple Xidan was fined for denying to ‘renew every year’ for improper reasons

The boss’s broadcast report, recently, the Xidan Branch of Apple Electronic Products Trading Co., Ltd. was administered by District Market Supervision Administration for violating the “Consumer Rights Protection Law of the People’s Republic of China.” Punishment.

The company’s investigation, the main illegal fact is that consumers previously purchased an iPhone 11 Pro mobile phone and an AppleCare + service plan from the party concerned and enjoyed a merchant discount of 41.81 USD. Later, the consumer went to the party concerned and asked him to provide the annual renewal service, and the party refused on the grounds that “the iPhone Renewal Program shall not be enjoyed at the same time as any promotion, activity, discount, or discount”.

It was verified that the reason was not a legitimate reason. The punishment resulted in a warning and a fine of 7,743.17 USD. 

Apple’s official website about the annual renewal plan mentioned that when purchasing a designated new mobile phone, as long as you purchase the AppleCare + service plan, you can enjoy the annual renewal service


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