Are you using 45W charging on your Galaxy Note 10+ or Galaxy S20 Ultra?

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra features the biggest battery ever on a Galaxy S smartphone, but it still needs to be charged. Well, you don’t need to wait for long, so Samsung has made it easier to charge your phone fast.

Samsung included 25W charger in the box with Galaxy S20, S20+, S20 Ultra, and Galaxy Note 10/Note 10+. But, the Galaxy S20 Ultra (5,000mAh) and Galaxy Note 10+ (4,300mAh) also support 45W chargers.

The Galaxy S20 and Note 10 series offer Super Fast Charging so you can get back to gaming or live streaming faster. Supported by the USB Power Delivery 3.0 PPS (programmable power standard), Galaxy Note 10 and Galaxy S20’s Super Fast Charging capabilities pull 25 watts of power when plugged in, to repower your phone in a flash. For even faster charging, you can connect your device to the 45W Travel Adapter and harness the power of Super Fast Charging 2.0.

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Super Fast Charging 2.0 lets you plug your supported phone into a 45W USB-C charger, hitting 100% in record time on a Galaxy smartphone. All you need is your phone, its C-to-C cable, and the 45W Travel Adapter, which is a USB-C power adapter that gives you a major boost of power.

Super Fast Charging 2.0 is only available on Galaxy S20 Ultra and Note 10+ with 45W Travel Adapter (PD3.0 standard) and 5A C-to-C Cable, which are sold separately.

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You can get a 45W charger with a USB-C to USB-C cable for $49.99. Most importantly, both of these meet the power delivery or PD standard. It’s available from Samsung directly for $49.99 in either black or white. You can buy it from or Amazon.

Now back to the question, are you using the 45W charger for charging your Galaxy Note 10+ or Galaxy S20 Ultra? Let us know in the comments below.

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