ASML’s revenue expected to exceed 30 billion euros in 2025

According to the latest report, although the memory chip, an important semiconductor market segment, is currently not optimistic, both demand and prices have declined, and the short-term uncertainty of the global economic environment is also increasing.

ASML, the key equipment of lithography machines, is still full of confidence in the future. It is expected that the demand for lithography machines will increase, and their revenue will also increase significantly.

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ASML said on Thursday that expanding applications and industry innovations are expected to drive continued growth in the semiconductor market. Strong market growth rates, continued innovation, and more foundry competition will drive advanced manufacturing processes.

Demand for processes and mature processes are expected to increase demand for wafer capacity as well. Based on future expectations, ASML plans to adjust its production capacity to meet future demand and prepare for cyclical growth, while sharing risks and rewards with all stakeholders.

ASML RevenueIn terms of production capacity, ASML said on their official website that they plan to increase the annual production capacity of EUV lithography machines to 90 units in 2025-2026, and the annual production capacity of deep UV lithography machines to 600 units. The annual production capacity of aperture EUV lithography machines will increase to 20 units in 2027-2028.

After increasing the production capacity of lithography machines, ASML also raised its performance expectations. It is expected that the revenue in 2025 will be 30 billion-40 billion euros, and the gross profit margin will be close to 54%-56%; the revenue in 2030 will be 44 billion-60 billion euros. In euros, gross profit margins are expected to be between 56%-60%.

In terms of shareholder returns, ASML has announced a new share repurchase program to buy back up to 12 billion euros of shares until December 31, 2025.


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