August 2023 Google Play Sponsored badge

August 2023 System Update adds new ‘Sponsored’ badge to Google Play Store

Google August 2023 System Update is adding some more enhancements to the Play Store by replacing the Ads section with an all-new ‘Sponsored’ badge. Eventually, the company is slightly changing how to display the advertising content to its users.

With the onset of this month, Google rolled out new improvements with a new System Update. Although at that time, things were mainly confined to device management. In the latest edition, the company is bringing a fresh look and a ‘Sponsored’ badge for the Google Play Store with the August 2023 update.

In simple words, the section that used to show ‘Ads’ text on the board will now highlight the “Sponsored” term. Perhaps, it would make things clear and let you know whether you are looking at paid content or simple search results. One could find these changes with version 37.

Google Play System August 2023 Update

Play Store

  • [Phone] Change ads badge text from ‘Ads’ to ‘Sponsored’ across all of the Play Store surfaces
  • [Auto, TV, Wear] Improve your ability to report illegal content and enable user sentiment tracking for apps and Play reviews.

System Management

  • [Auto, PC, Phone, TV, Wear] Bug fixes for System Management & Diagnostics related services.
  • [Auto] Updates to system management services that improve Privacy.

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August 2023 Google Play Sponsored badge


August 2023 System Update adds new ‘Sponsored’ badge to Google Play Store

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