BGMI 2.5.0 update features

Blind Esports welcomes back Spower to BGMI Roaster

Blind Esports announced that Rudra “Spower” has made a return to its BGMI roster. The organization made a post on Instagram to inform its fans about the star player’s return.

Spower initially joined Godlike Blind Esports in November 2021, which ultimately raised him to prominence, with his incredible skills and performance in various tournaments.

However, after eleven months, he parted ways with the organization in September 2022. The reasons for this separation remained somewhat mysterious. Therefore, the return of Spower to the BGMI Roaster team will surely boost the squad’s gun power.

Blind Esports says

  • “We’re thrilled to announce the return of SPower, your presence exudes class and excellence, and we couldn’t be more honored to have you back in our ranks. Your journey with us has always been distinguished, and we can’t wait to see the impact you’ll make in the chapters ahead. Together, we’ll continue to define the pinnacle of esports grace. Welcome home.”

BGMI 2.5.0 update features


Blind Esports welcomes back Spower to BGMI Roaster

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