Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War Multiplayer and Outbreak will be free to play this weekend

In this week, Call of Duty players on all platforms will have free access to Black Ops Cold War’s multiplayer and Zombies Spread Mode. As leaked by Charlie Intel, the Black Ops Cold War Free Weekend starts on Thursday, May 27th, and runs through Tuesday, June 1st.

We have not officially heard anything about the free trial from Treark, Raven, or Activision, but there is no reason why. To doubt the source here. Leaked marketing equipment looks authentic and is a reliable source for Charlie Intel Call of Duty news.

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This is a good time to investigate the spread of Black Ops Cold War zombies, as it only received a big old update last week, adding its first major innovation, the laundry list of zombies-specific weapon tuning and – for a long time – fishing.

A new open-world mode was added to the game in February as part of the Season 2 update and it is becoming a major hub for the zombies.

Much of the Black Midson zombies update from the Black Ops Cold War has led to the spread and is now bringing to light the free weekend mode. This weekend is an opportunity to see what all the complications are and decide if this premium is worth the entry cost.

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