Call of Duty Warzone’s update brings new Multiplayer Maps, Weapons, Points of Interests to Verdansk

Call of Duty Warzone update for Season 4 has arrived carrying new events, maps, quality of life changes, and a satellite crash have landed on Verdansk. Season 4 also brings quite a few updates to the battle royale game’s arsenal, including new weapons and balance changes.

The satellite crash from season 4’s opening trailer took out several areas around Verdansk and left debris in what’s left of the crash sites. The new areas don’t have too many changes, but they do have destroyed pieces of satellite for players to fight around.

Meanwhile, the Nakatomi Building, which was added during the ’80s action hero event, is still on the map but has been renamed to Downtown Tower.

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The new season comes with the new MG 82 light machine gun and the C58 assault rifle, which can both be unlocked through the battle pass. Meanwhile, players can purchase the new nail gun in the store, or unlock it through challenges.

As for broader weapon changes, this patch includes quite a few. Submachine guns got the most changes, with weapons like the KSP 45, the Milano 821, and a few others getting damage increases and a few other buffs.

Meanwhile, Raven Software also took a look at assault rifles in this patch, reducing the base damage for the CR-56 AMAX on torsos, while increasing certain damage multipliers for a few other weapons, like the XM4.

Call of Duty: Warzone season 4’s update is live now. For a look at all the changes coming with the update, you can check out the full patch notes.

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