Days gone Director John Garvin says the Metacritic Score is everything to Sony

As you know, Days Gone, which is still a PlayStation exclusive, will be released on PC on May 18th. It is also known that this game will not be continued, since, despite good sales, they were still lower than other Sony blockbusters, and the assessments of many journalists were far from laudatory odes.

Now, in a fresh interview, John Garvin, the former creative director of Sony Bend Studio, who left it almost immediately after the release of Days Gone, very succinctly revealed, apparently immediately, both the reason for his departure and the reason for Sony’s refusal to continue the game.

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It turned out that it is very important for Sony to evaluate the project on the well-known Metacritic platform. To be honest, I was very worried because again. It’s just Sony’s reality. Metacritic score is everything. If you are the creative director of a franchise and your game is approaching 70 points, you will not remain the creative director of the franchise for very long.

So far, Days Gone scores 71 on this platform based on 109 critical reviews and 8.3 out of 10 based on nearly 8,000 gamer reviews. That is, the players accepted the game better than the critics.

At the moment, many companies are strongly guided by Metacritic assessment, to the point that bonuses, the fate of games, and employees depend on it.


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