Download – OnePlus 10 Pro Android 13 Developer Preview Version 2

OnePlus 10 Pro Android 13 Update

Recently, OnePlus released the new Android 13 Developer Preview Version 2 update for OnePlus 10 Pro users in the home market – China. This Android 13 DP version 2 fixed various threats, improves dozens of security-related vulnerabilities, and takes security and privacy to the next level by providing a new interface, and enhancing the overall user experience.


Along with fixes and improvements, it brings the May 2022 Android security update for better system performance and optimization. However, the company released this update to address some of the problems encountered in Android 13. OnePlus 10 Pro smartphone users can download the update and get a new interface.

Download OnePlus 10 Pro Android 13 DP 2: 

Android 13 DP2 version is an early adopter version, we recommend developers to try it, but do not recommend general users to brush this version.

  • Download Link for Upgrade Package from Android 13 DP1 to Android 13 DP 2


  • Download Link for Downgrade Package from Android 13 to Android 12
OnePlus 10 Pro Android 13 Update

Download OnePlus 10 Pro Android 13 DP 2


This upgrade method will clear all the contents of the phone, please make sure to back it up first. Android 13 DP1 users can upgrade to the DP2 version after flashing this version’s upgrade package. The Android 12 users must first upgrade to Android 13 DP1 and then can upgrade to the DP2 version. Click me to jump to Android 13 DP1

Known Issues:

  • Music cannot be paused normally with wired headphones
  • In some scenarios, the UI has a low probability of abnormality
  • When the screen is black, the gesture operation function has a low probability of abnormality
  • Video call button not responding
  • Low probability of automatic backlight abnormality
  • Flashback occurs when setting the fingerprint style
  • Switching the refresh rate causes lag
  • Three-party apps such as iQiyi, WiFi Master Key, and Taote crashed
  • The fingerprint display is abnormal in some scenarios

Update log:


  • [Fix] The problem that the data usage is not displayed
  • [Fix] The problem that the system’s built-in browser can open the webpage abnormally
  • [Fix] The problem of flashback when turning off and enabling 5G switch
  • [Fix] The problem that the lock screen password must be set in the boot wizard interface to enter the desktop when flashing and restoring to factory settings
  • [Updated] Android security patch to May 2022 to improve system security
  • [Optimized] The overall shooting effect of the camera improves the user experience[Camera]

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