Download these amazing OnePlus 11 Wallpapers [Link]

Download these amazing OnePlus 11 Wallpapers

OnePlus 11 is the best new year offering the company has given its users. The dynamic smartphone officially appeared on the consumer platform with various glancing features and characteristics. And to double this offering, here we have a handful of OnePlus 11 wallpapers to download. These are categorized into static and live-labeled groups.

So far, the Chinese tech maker has released the ultimate gadget in the native region. Eventually, there is still some time to grab them in the global market. But till then, you can admire and download these aesthetics and elegant OnePlus 11 wallpapers to give your handset, the look and feel of the OnePlus flagship smartphone. Before we begin, let’s check what we have got in this poster collection.

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Static Wallpapers – On exploration, we found two minimalistic yet over-whelming wall posters. These objects hold a resolution of 1440 x 3216 pixels. Consequently, they are termed after the two color variants of the OnePlus 11 model – Eternal Green and Titan Black. However, it is worth noticing that while the green wallpaper gives a teal look, the black poster shows a burgundy-mix texture.

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Live Wallpapers – On the other hand, we have live wallpapers or we can say animated posters. Although there isn’t any difference between the static and the live wallpapers in terms of colors. Yet, both categories will have a distinct layout and pattern on your device. You can have a preview of these wallpapers below. Further, you can download them from the below-given links.

Download these amazing OnePlus 11 Wallpapers

Download OnePlus 11 Wallpapers

While the above section was only for preview purposes, you can get these OnePlus 11 wallpapers in full resolution through the below links. Thereafter, you can apply them on the home screen in the usual method. Static Wallpapers are present in the PNG format, whereas Live Wallpapers are available in standard MP4 video files.

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