Electronic Arts gaming studio announced release of Battlefield on smartphones later this year

Recently, General Manager of the studio DICE, working on the Battlefield series, Oscar Gabrielson, in a message on the official website, announced the release of a mobile version of the famous online shooter. In addition, he confirmed that the release of the new part of the franchise for consoles and PCs will take place in 2021, promising an official announcement soon.

Electronic Arts have announced the launch of the Battlefield series for mobile devices on its website. Developed by the mobile games division of Industrial Toys, in partnership with DICE. The release is scheduled for 2022.

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In his post, Oscar Gabrielson, general manager of DICE, emphasizes that mobile Battlefield has nothing to do with the new game for PC and consoles. It is being developed from scratch and will be a separate game. She is now being tested.

In addition to the announcement of the mobile version, Oscar shared some details of the development of the version for PC and consoles. According to him, the largest team in history is working on it. Its release is scheduled for 2021, the official announcement will take place a little later. The developers promise massive battles with “an unprecedented number of players and riots.”

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