Epic Games vs Apple trial is starting today with kids screaming free Fortnite

The Epic Games v. Apple trial begins today and begins with a court meeting, which is filled with children screaming to get back to Fortnite Mobile. Public call lines allow anyone to dial in and listen to today’s proceedings, but the court did not properly handle all of the participants for more than 20 minutes. The result seemed like a chaotic lecture call.

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More than 200 participants dialed into the public line, with many shouting “Free Fortnite” or “Please bring mobile back to mobile”. Others played Travis Scott tunes, gossiped, or promoted their YouTube channels.

The trial is scheduled to begin at 11:15 a.m., and court clerks can be heard trying to mute participants several times. Finally, at 11:30 AM ET, the court broke the silence to hear Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney.

Shortly afterward, yet, Fortnite fans requested a return to the game’s iPhones and iPods. In the next few weeks, we will know if that is likely to happen.

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