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Fortnite latest update removes Legacy Achievement Tab

With the v26.30 update, Epic Games introduced a brand new UI to Fortnite, alongside addressing some issues that plagued the old UI in certain ways. However, the attempt of Epic Games seems to have failed, because the modified UI is so terrifying and it removes the old Legacy Achievement Tab from Fortnite.

Fortnite, the immensely popular battle royale game developed by Epic Games, has undergone numerous changes and updates since its inception, but the latest update is making headlines for a somewhat surprising move.

Many players within the community pointed out how the UI failed to impress, and one user on Reddit even pointed out how the new UI completely removed a beloved feature. The latest update of Fortnite has removed the Legacy Achievement tab, a feature that provided useful information about a player’s time in the Metaverse.

Sadly, after the new UI was implemented, Legacy Achievements have vanished from players’ profiles. This change has left players and enthusiasts reflecting on the significance of this decision and its impact on the Fortnite community.

However, Epic Games has not provided an official statement explaining the removal of the Legacy Achievements tab. It’s likely that the decision was made as part of the game’s ongoing evolution and optimization process or it can be a type of glitch as well.

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Fortnite latest update removes Legacy Achievement Tab

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