Funtouch OS 11 Features: Redesigned UI, new icons, Live Always on Display, new Jovi sections, iManager, Ultra Gaming Mode and more

Android 11 is officially launched and different device adopting this new Android version as a base of their custom mobile skins. Vivo is one of these device manufacturers that now announced its latest mobile software – Funtouch OS 11 based on Android 11.

In this article, we will explore all of the features offered by Funtoch OS 11 and what Vivo has changed in the user interface to increase the user experience.

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Let’s check the features of Funtouch OS 11:

Simple and Better user interface:

With Funtouch OS 11, Vivo introduced a redesigned user interface based on its “Original Design” philosophy. The company claimed to offer new simple and artistic details in the user experience.

These new changes clearly reflect on some of the system apps including Weather, iManager, Calculator, Clock, and others.

Redesigned icons:

The new design in Funtouch OS 11 brings a new design with software round corners with subtle and customized angular elements to add sharpness. All of the icons are united and blends within their user interface appearance.

Always On Display:

Funtouch OS 11 also brought you the new Always-on Display that appears on your screen while it’s inactive. You’ll get options to choose and change the style and the effect appearing on the AOD screen.

Moreover, the Live Always on Display – Halo, shows you realistic design that changes according to the time fo the day including sunrise, daytime, sunset, and moonlight.

New Jovi Sections:

Vivo has also installed some new features for its phone assistant, Jovi Home. These include Shortcuts, Suggestions, and My services.

Shortcuts: The shortcuts zone provides quick access to space cleanup, calculator, app lock, and more.

Suggestions: Suggestions zone contains smart reminders for daily life, like rest and travel weather, as well as relevant flight, train ticket, movie schedule, and online shopping information.

My Services: This section will let you customize to include events, sport, drink water, digital wellbeing, today’s headline, weather, as well as hot game and movie information, all of this information in one single card.

Album Image Enhancer:

Funtouch OS has some new options to tweak and edit your images with the help of AI Image Matting and HD Restoration. Let’s take a look at these features below.

AI Image Matting: Separate the subject from the background, adjust the portrait size and angle, change the background, and switch it completely by choosing from a gallery.

HD Restoration: Repair blurry, low-definition, or faded images by improving clarity, optimizing facial details, and enhancing the overall color system.

AI Video Editor:

Aside from Image editor, Funtouch OS 11 also has a new video editor called “AI Editor”, which lets you identify the main character and highlights key moments in the footage. With a single click can apply vlog templates and generate a better video clip. You can also share these clips on social media platforms.

iManager App:

The new iManager in Funtouch OS 11 provides you a suite of tools that helps you to keep your smartphone-optimized. The also allows users to summarize and present quick information about their device’s health and its performance.

The security Scan option inside the iManager app lets you check your phone’s security status on a regular basis to scan and identify viruses, trojan horses, malicious files, and potentially dangerous applications.

New S-Capture:

With Funtouch OS 11, users will get new screen capture option including the followings:

  1. Screen recording
  2. Long screenshot
  3. Rectangular screenshot
  4. Funny screenshot

Furthermore, the screen recorder feature can also record the audio with the microphone on the system playback sound on and even on mute.

Ultra Game Mode:

Lastly, Funtouch OS 11 takes care of gamers with its new features that let them concentrate on their gaming sessions and blocking unwanted interruptions.

Do Not Disturb: When both Background Call and Ultra Game Mode are on, you can answer incoming phone calls during gameplay. The call can run in the background so you don’t need to quit the game.

Game Picture-in-picture: During a game, slide up with three fingers to choose an app from the list and activate it in a small floating window. Social media apps are also activated by using the sidebar.

Esports Mode: You can block alerts during a game to create a better gaming experience. A realtime adaptive frame rate further enhances your gaming performance.

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