Gamers facing Call of Duty Modern Warfare split-screen invisible weapons bug

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare split-screen invisible weapons bug has been frustrating players for at least several weeks, and it doesn’t seem like a fix is on the way.

The glitch afflicts players who try to start a Spec Ops round in Modern Warfare while playing in a local split-screen co-op. It’s easy to tell if you’ve been affected because, well, your guns will be invisible. You’ll still be able to fire them and otherwise use them as normal, but they won’t appear in the corner of your screen.

The good news is you can see more stuff in the bottom right part of the screen. The bad news is when you aim, you aren’t really aiming down anything, and just have to eyeball where you think the sights would be.

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Reddit user ArsonistAlpaca shared a screenshot of the glitch just yesterday, with several other commenters joining in to add that they’re experiencing the same problem: “that happens way too often for me,” Moldy_tictac added.

Going back further, Reddit user freezable posted a video showing the invisible gun bug on May 20, and another on June 3, showing that this isn’t just an issue with the latest patch.

The invisible weapon glitch doesn’t currently show up on Activision Support’s list of known issues in Modern Warfare, so there’s no telling how long it may be until an official patch comes around to fix the problem.

There do seem to be some workarounds for the time being, including potentially using the default loadouts to make sure the guns appear, and free table posted a stopgap fix that lets players use the same guns while allowing for different attachments and camos.

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