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Gboard removes Keyboard height setting in favor of Resize tab

To offer users a better and more seamless experience, Google recently added a new Resize tab in the Gboard, but it has now removed the very beneficial Keyboard height settings. Yes, the latest Gboard beta version 13.4.08  has ditched the option to customize the height of the keyboard.

According to the information, now you will not see the option to manage the height of your keyboard in the Gboard. However, this action can now be performed using Resize in the Gboard toolbar or shortcuts page. This lets you make adjustments by dragging the two pull tabs at the top and bottom.

Users can also place the keys higher, with the ability to leave a gap between the space bar and the system home bar. To be mentioned, it could be a more easy way to make adjustments in Gboard, but for some, it can be annoying as there are only fixed increments to maintain the height across devices.

The Keyboard height settings option offers a total of seven increments including Extra-short, Short, Mid-short, Normal, Mid-Tall, Tall, and Extra-tall. However, these all have now gone, with only One-handed mode found under Layout.

Gboard Keyboard height setting


Gboard removes Keyboard height setting in favor of Resize tab

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