Gboard tests a redesigned floating keyboard with new UI and more features

Google has added a floating keyboard mode to the Gboard app all the way back to 2018. This mode allowed users to open the keyboard in a window and move it anywhere on the screen.

Previously, this floating keyboard mode has not seen much change. But that is about to change. Google has begun testing the floating keyboard in the Gboard app, as well as changes in the online translation feature released last year.

Gboard’s redesigned floating keyboard has begun appearing for other users and features an extra round design. As you can see from the attached screenshots, the drag handle is also attached to the floating window very smoothly and is no longer focused on the bottom. These design changes are in line with the latest updates of Material You Google which Google is releasing in other applications.

Google has also begun testing the redesigned UI of the Gboard linear translation feature. Language chips now follow the dynamic Android 12 theming system, the language key is circular and insert large text, and the text input field is now locked in a bubble.

In addition to this, Google has added a new dictionary button to the app. A button appears when Gboard thinks you have typed. Clicking on it adds a word to your dictionary. Unlike the other changes mentioned above, a new dictionary add-on button was first detected by GoogleNews Telegram.

It is important to note that Google has recently released 1,500 new Emoji Kitchen stickers to the Gbaord app, support for smartboard suggestions and screen sharing, and smart design for non-Pixel phones.


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