Global semiconductor shortage will lead to increasing chip prices in the third quarter of the year: Report

The news of chip foundry production capacity shortage appeared in the second half of last year. In the case of tight production capacity and difficulty in meeting demand, some chip foundries have also increased chip foundry many times.

The English-language media quoted reports from industry chain sources that due to the tight production capacity of 8-inch wafers and 12-inch wafer foundries, UMC, SMIC, GF, World Advanced Semiconductor, Power Semiconductor Manufacturing, and other chip foundry companies. The foundry price is expected to be higher.

Sources in this industry chain also hinted that the price increase of these foundries in the third quarter will be higher than that of the first half, but they did not disclose the magnitude of the price increase.

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It is worth noting that if the foundry price is raised again in the third quarter, it will be the third price increase for UMC this year. At the beginning of this year, the English media stated in a report that chip manufacturers revealed that UMC has increased chip foundry. Offer.

At the end of March, the English-language media reported that UMC and Power Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd. will once again increase chip foundry quotations, citing information disclosed by industry chain sources. The new prices will be implemented in April, which is expected to increase by 10%-20%.

However, sources in the industry chain did not disclose whether TSMC will increase its OEM offer in the third quarter. However, at the end of March, there was news that TSMC planned to increase the foundry price of 12-inch wafers quarter by quarter. If the news is true, it is likely to increase in the third quarter.

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