Google Assistant generative AI

Google Assistant will soon get generative AI makeover

Google has internally announced that it is working on a revamped Assistant version that will integrate with generative AI features. The company is now updating the virtual assistant tool with the latest LLM (Large Language Model) technology.

Recently, Axios published an internal email from Google that read effective generative AI implementation for the Assistant service. Eventually, this will change how the virtual capability works for consumers, developers, as well as Google employees. The aim is to bring a supercharged Assistant model that can accomplish given goals more efficiently.

Adding more, the email quotes that the tech giant has begun development of the renovated Assistant version, starting with the mobile (Android) version. This reminds us of the feature where Google Assistant can easily summarize web pages. (Read the full story HERE)

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By the end, the email notes – Google is deeply committed to Assistant and we are optimistic about its bright future ahead. Let’s see what more changes tech fans will see in the upcoming days.

Google Assistant generative AI


Google Assistant will soon get generative AI makeover

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