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Google offers 10 years of updates to Chromebooks with better features

Google is revising its updates policy for Chromebooks and promises 10 years of software cycle with ‘better than ever’ features. At the same time, the US tech giant is adding an adaptive charging facility and energy-saving mode to ChromeOS to enhance the user experience in every aspect.

As per the latest revealings, Google Chromebooks released in 2021 and the newer models will get 10 years of updates support instead of 8. In addition, the company will bring an option for the existing Chromebook owners to extend automatic updates to 10 years from the platform’s release when they receive their last automatic update.

Looking at the other subject, ChromOS is ready to show off the adaptive charging that will keep your device at 80% to optimize the overall battery health. One can access this feature in Settings > Device > Power menu. Besides, the Energy Saver will help in increasing the battery life of the device.

The latter feature will either reduce or turn off the energy-intensive processes in the background. Perhaps, it automatically activates when the device hits low battery or 20% charging. The new update policy will come into action from next year, and we see the mentioned features by the end of 2023.

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Google Chromebooks 10 years updates


Google offers 10 years of updates to Chromebooks with better features

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