Google Hangouts web application finally shut down

According to the latest report, Google Hangouts, the text, video, and voice chat application built into Gmail, was finally shut down. Google had announced earlier this year that it was switching Hangouts users to Google Chat, the company’s Slack-like messaging app for businesses.

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Starting on November 1st, the Google Hangouts web application is no longer available. This is the “last remnant” of Google Hangouts, and the Android and iOS versions of the application were closed in July this year.

Google Hangouts web appThe death of Hangouts is arguably slow, with Google starting to allow users to migrate to Google Chat in 2021. The company announced in June 2022 that it would prompt Hangout users to move to Google Chat. While most messages and contacts are automatically transferred over, not all data is migrated to Google Chat.

Moreover, Hangouts appeared as a feature of Google+, the messaging service with 5 billion downloads on the Google Play Store, before it became a standalone app. Google has previously said that Google Chat is a better way for users to connect with others.


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