Google Play Store changes tablets

Google Play Store is getting four key changes for Android tablets

Google is bringing four major changes to the Play Store for Android tablets. The manufacturer is giving some new touch-ups to the respective service so that users can efficiently work with it on large-screen devices. What are these changes? Let’s find it out.

1. Streamlined Navigation

To begin with, the navigation rail now brings icons closer to users’ thumbs and makes them more accessible. This is quite convenient at times when holding a device in landscape mode. In addition, the Kids’ Experience is the primary tab instead of the “Offers” feed that came into existence last year.

2. Ranking & Quality Improvements

Moving ahead, Google has featured the store listing assets directly on Apps and Games Home. This will show up in huge cards appearing side by side on the screen. On the flip side, the app quality guidelines aim to help users find apps that can resize well, aren’t letterboxed, and support both portrait and landscape orientation.

That’s not it! The tech maker will alert users when installing an app that is prone to crashing. A message in red color will pop up on the screen reading “Reports from similar devices show this app is likely to stop working on your device”.

Google Play Store changes tablets

3. Refreshed App Listing

Next, the listing page shows up in the right column with new application suggestions, including ads. Games with high-quality videos will show a video banner at the top of their app listing page, allowing users to get a sense of gameplay in an immersive way.

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Google Play Store changes tablets

4. Split-Screen Search

Last but not least, a better multi-column layout resides in search results where you can open a listing on the right and maintain the search result feed on the left. This prevents users from switching back and forth when exploring new apps and streamlines the discovery process.

These Google Play Store changes will be rolling out to Android tablets in the coming weeks.

Google Play Store changes tablets


Google Play Store is getting four key changes for Android tablets

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