Google Play Store games smartwatch

Google Play Store eases to find new games for your smartwatch

Google constantly renovates its apps and services to offer the best experience to its users. In the latest development, the tech maker has integrated a new option to the Google Play Store that eases the way to find new games for your smartwatch.

According to the fresh details, the Android developer has now added the ‘Watch’ option in the Top charts section. Eventually, when you will open the Games feed in the Google Play Store, and visit the ‘Other devices’ tab, you will get a new Watch category.

To date, Google has only shown the ‘TV’ category at the top bar. However, now smartwatch users will be able to see the Watch option in the Google Play Store and can easily opt for dedicated games.

Google also has two sections named ‘Relax with games for your watch’ and ‘Challenging games on the go’. By the title, the apps packed in these tabs will help you in forgetting the time and exercise your brain, respectively.

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From here, you can have any of the gaming apps downloaded on your watch. You can further find games by searching and using the ‘Your devices’ filter. Though playing games on a mini circular display could be a stress to the eyes. Although it could help you in passing the moments on your Wear OS-based device.

Google Play Store games smartwatch


Google Play Store eases to find new games for your smartwatch

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