Google unveiled new Android features for OnePlus and more smartphones

The holiday season in many parts of the world has begun and to make this holiday more special, Google unveiled a set of new unique features for Android devices including Google, OnePlus, and more. These features will support all devices such as smartphones, tablets, and even the smartwatch.

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Google’s new features will initially debut for the Pixel devices and further, will make their way to your OnePlus device. The list of new offerings includes Reading mode, new collage designs in the Photos app, a mashup of Kitchen Emoji, easy access to content, and more.

google new features

google new features

Let’s discuss Google’s new features in detail. 

Improved Google Photos app

Google has added some new Styles of collage editors which will make your photos more attractive, in the holidays we used to click pictures and make a collage to share them with family and friends. Now you will see some better collage styles which will give your photos a new look than before. 

New tile in the WearOS

Android users who have Wear OS-powered watches will see new tiles in their wearables which will help them to get in touch with their favorite contacts with easy access. It also allows you to view sunrise and sunset times so that you can plan your day according to that.

Reading mode

Android phones will get a new Reading mode, which creates an accessible reading experience that can be helpful for people who are blind, have low vision, or are dyslexic. This feature once installed in your settings will add customizable display options including contrast, font type and size, and a text-to-speech function.

Customizes Digital Car Key

With a digital car key, you can lock, unlock and turn on a compatible car using just your phone, interestingly you can even share your compatible digital car key with friends and family across Pixel and iPhones. It also help you to view and change who has access to your car in your phone’s digital wallet app.

Mashup of Kitchen Emoji

Google has added some more emoji pairs to the Kitchen Emoji which will help you to express your holidays with a more innovative way. Users can mash up into creative sticker combos via Gboard and can add some extra holiday flair to their messages with compatible emojis.


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