Google will pay 100 million USD for face data privacy violations in the U.S

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Google has been under fire for many privacy violation cases but the recent one has its own class. According to the information, Google will pay 100 million USD to Illinois U.S residents for violating the state’s privacy laws.

The report reveals that the U.S. tech giant has been accused of violating the Biometric Information Privacy Act regarding its use of a face regrouping tool in the Google Photos app. The use of such technology helps Google to sort faces in photographs by similarity.

However, Google doesn’t appear to have permission from the people who appeared in the similar search results. Therefore, the people of Illinois that appeared in search results between May 1, 205 and April 25, 2022, in the Photos app, are eligible to get a part of a 100 million fine.


Google U.S privacy

“Defendant will develop, publish and abide by a retention policy in which it will commit to deleting face models or face templates associated with Google Photos user’s accounts,” the settlement states.

The report further reveals that the payment is expected to release within 90 days of settlement. To be mentioned, the approval hearting of the settlement is set for September 28. More information regarding this matter is yet to come.


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