Google work profile Android 14

Google will bring effective work profile changes with Android 14

Google continues its research on new changes that can make Android 14 – an extraordinary OS for devices and we will see some effective shifts in the work profile section as well. Recently, the US tech giant confirmed useful modifications for the work profile with the upcoming software upgrade.

Earlier, we reported that the manufacturer is making better changes to the work profile section for Android 14 which will keep users connected to their tasks and operations at all times. Though at that moment, things were surfing in expectations.

Marking assurance, Google has now confirmed on its official website that Android 14 pauses your work profile instead of turning it off. Thus, your work profile will remain active even though applications suspends.

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Spotted first by @MishaalRahman, this new behavior is now available on the ‘What’s new in enterprise in Android 14’ page. Eventually, app developers should consider this page to get ready for this change as well as note the interaction between suspended task apps and alerts from an individual application.

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Google work profile Android 14


Google will bring effective work profile changes with Android 14

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