Google’s automatic reset function will reach billions of smartphones in December


Following the stable Android 12 release for Pixel smartphones, Google’s Android Developer Blog published a column saying that the company offers automatic resetting of permissions for billions of devices.

Applications usually need to request certain permissions in order to run properly, but in the case of dozens of applications on a given device, it can be difficult to keep the permissions already granted up to date, especially if you have spent a long time. A certain device is not used for a long time.


Google automatic reset function

Google automatic reset function of permissions has been introduced in Android 11. This feature helps protect the user’s privacy. If the user has not used the app for several months, this feature will automatically reset the app’s runtime permissions, i.e. display a prompt to the user when requested allow to.

From December 2021, Google will expand this feature to billions of devices. This feature will be enabled automatically on devices using Google Play Services running Android 6.0 (API level 23) or higher.

The company will enable this feature by default for apps targeting Android 11 (API level 30) or higher. However, users can manually enable automatic permission resets for apps targeting API levels 23 to 29.



Certain applications and permissions will be automatically exempted from revocation, such as the active device administrator application used by enterprises, and permissions as dictated by corporate policies.

Request user to disable automatic reset

If necessary, the developer can request the user to prevent the system from resetting the permissions of their application. It is suitable for situations where the user expects the application to run primarily in the background without interacting. You can see the main use cases:

Compare current behavior with new behavior

Google automatic reset function


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