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HarmonyOS smartwatch’s rapid growth could be a red flag for WearOS Watches

Key Points 

  • Huawei HarmonyOS smartwatch’s rapid growth could challenge Wear OS Watches in the global market.
  • Huawei watch is gaining traction due to its advanced features, sleek design, and seamless integration with HarmonyOS.

Google and Samsung are among the top manufacturers when it comes to Wear OS-powered devices. But a major tech giant from China might outpace their glory. Yes, HarmonyOS-powered smartwatches from Huawei are making waves in the global market with their sleek design, features, and more.

Counterpoint Research recently reported that Huawei’s HarmonyOS smartwatch is experiencing rapid growth, and the global smartwatch market is expected to see a 15% hike in 2024. Therefore, the rise of Huawei’s HarmonyOS smartwatch poses a potential challenge for Wear OS Watches.

With Huawei’s commitment to innovation and its own operating system, the firm is shaking up the market and offering a compelling alternative to Wear OS. Hence, Google and Samsung will need to boost up their game and bring something extraordinary to the table to compete with Huawei’s creation.

The Counterpoint Analyst states that, in 2023, the overall HarmonyOS shipments grew almost 2x, surpassing Apple’s WatchOS. HarmonyOS’ shipment share is further estimated to reach 61% in China in 2024, which is up from 48% in 2023.


However, some analysts also expect that there will be greater adoption of Google’s Wear OS since these watches provide a robust third-party app experience, Google AI assistant, actual health tracking, battery optimization, and more.

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HarmonyOS smartwatch’s rapid growth could be a red flag for WearOS Watches

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