Here’s how OxygenOS 13 Kid Space feature differs from One UI 5.0 Kids Mode

OxygenOS 13 Kid Space One UI 5

OnePlus and Samsung never misses a chance to benefit their users from all corners of the smartphone. Whether we talk about an attractive user interface or efficient performance and features, both tech maker keeps the user’s expectations as their priority. And today we will see how the special Kid Space feature differs in OxygenOS 13 and One UI 5.0 firmware.

For your information, Kid Space is an interesting and useful addition to gadgets. Eventually, the respective feature protects your child from useless elements in the device. Further, you can select which application your child should access for a given time limit. Consequently, the objective of this feature is to take care of your child from excessive screen time or unnecessary content.

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Both OnePlus and Samsung have provided this feature so far to their users. But in the meantime, the tech makers have revamped and modified the Kid Space with OxygenOS 13 and One UI 5.0 to some more extent. Let’s understand how the same segment differs in the giant and most favorable operating systems.

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One UI 5.0 Kids Mode: Also known as Samsung Kids helps in setting up a space for your child with a specific app allowance. Besides, it enables locking that keeps the child in the same space without wandering in the regular phone environment. Moreover, the feature brings on some amazing animated characters that make the screen a fun place for your children.

OxygenOS 13 Kid Space One UI 5

In addition, Kids Mode on One UI 5.0 offers a hamburger menu on the screen with the following options: Change Wallpaper, Emergency Call, Parental Controls, Edit Home Screen, Settings, and Close Samsung Kids.

OxygenOS 13 Kid Space: On the other hand, we have the OxygenOS 13 that doesn’t offers a creative look on the screen. But it enables a cartoonish wallpaper and eye protection mode that saves your child from eye strain issues. Next, it doesn’t offer so many options on the home screen. As a result, the child remains focused and concentrated on their tasks.

OxygenOS 13 Kid Space One UI 5

In terms of eye care, the feature also alerts and sends a message when the ambient light is too dark. Moreover, a funny character appears when it’s time for a break. Thus, if One UI 5.0 Kids Mode is creative then OxygenOS 13 Kid Space is more protective. Both operating systems define the Kid Space feature in a better manner.

OxygenOS 13 Kid Space One UI 5

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