Here’s how to Activate a Rift by purchasing it from a character in Fortnite Season 6

As part of Fortnite Season 6 and 9, players must crack it by purchasing from a character to complete a challenge. This is not a difficult task by any means, but there are a few things you need to know before attempting this challenge.

For starters, you need to know which NPCs sell rift portals and make sure you have enough money to buy them. Additionally, it helps to understand how crack works. In this guide, we will cover all and more. Here’s how to activate a crack by purchasing from a character in Fortnite.

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How to activate rift

The main obstacle to this challenge is actually acquiring the ability to use cracks. As you can see on the map above (thanks,, there are a lot of NPCs that give you access to cracks. Any of these NPCs will work, so choose the one that is most convenient and stay tuned for a chat. Since you are less likely to be driven by an enemy player, we recommend going to the NPC where there is no way out. Also, working with a team on this can be very helpful, because they can see your back when you go to NPC.

Another factor you should consider when attempting this challenge is the cost of getting into the cracks. This will give you back 245 gold bars, so you have to have a lot more before completing the challenge. There are many ways to lay your hands on gold bars, such as completing rewards, removing players, and completing certain quests.

If you have fewer bars, we recommend that you talk to the various NPCs around the map. They offer innovations – many of which can be easily achieved, in the process you will get some gold bars.

To complete this challenge, you only need to purchase access to the cracks. By this time, if you play all seasons, you should be close to the required amount, aiming not to spend your bar too often. Talk to one of the NPCs above and select the “Activate Rift” option.

When you do, you will immediately see cracks in the sky, allowing you to easily navigate the map. You may not be able to climb that high when you first start the match‌, but you will have enough wind time to get to any area around quickly. You also earn 24,000 XP for your hard work, so you have to give your time to complete it.

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