Here’s why Android 12L isn’t enough for Samsung Galaxy Tab S8

Android 12L

As we all are familiar with the Android 12L which works great for Tablets and Foldable phones. To be mentioned it is another interpretation of Android. the recent announcement of Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S8 that Google’s tablet intentions will be revived as it shows that there is a problem with Android tablets, not really with the interface.


Korean Tech giant always designed its stock apps to be optimized for larger displays, showing that every bit of the user interface you use on the phone and adding a keyboard cover to it is more or less conjectural to the desktop environment you find on a laptop or Chromebook.

As per the report, that’s not to say Android 12L isn’t coming to the Tab S8 — that is. “Google and Android and we are committed to bringing Android 12L to our tablets in the future. Currently, we have set a timeline for when Android 12L will be available on these devices.”

However, similar tricks do not make Android tablets better. The real problem Google faces on tablets is the lack of isolated software that makes full use of the bigger screen. It is a common problem on all big-screen Android devices.

Android 12LThis is not to say that third-party tablet apps are not available for Android, but most large corporate projects or variants of the Note app, file manager, or other utility. This is a problem related to the Android tablet experience, which can not be solved by rotating the notification center.

Android 12L

Samsung is working on developing a suite of tablet-optimized apps, which means that your Samsung tablet will be very capable. It has also brought powerful apps like LumaFusion to look at its tablet as an alternative.

Google is forcing some sort of architecture on big-screen Android devices, but none of them are going to change that big on a user level. It is always possible to create apps for Android devices that make good use of the large canvas, but developers choose not to do this for one reason or another.

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