Huawei Enjoy Tablet 10.1 HarmonyOS update brings new system optimizations

Huawei Enjoy Tablet 10.1

In the latest edition, Huawei Enjoy Tablet 10.1 notified of a new HarmonyOS update, which is currently rolling out in China. Speaking of its changelog, the update brought new system optimizations to fix the working flow of the device.

The latest HarmonyOS update shifted the Huawei Enjoy Tablet 10.1 users on the from the version mark. After installing this firmware, users will find a new WLAN and BT shortcut in the control panel.

In addition, it also enhances the performance of various service widgets, display, and serval system scenarios. Besides, it has also fixed the font size problem, where users aren’t able to customize them under some conditions.

Huawei Enjoy Tablet 10.1 HarmonyOS Update Log

According to the information, the HarmonyOS version update is coming for the Huawei Enjoy Tablet 10.1 AGS2-AL00 and AGS2-W09 models. You can check the full changelog below, which indicates a moderate update size, still using strong WiFi to download the update will be safer. The new changes include

  • Control Center: WLAN and Bluetooth shortcut switches added to the quick access list.
  • Service Widget: Optimized the experience of using the service widget.
  • Display: Optimized the display effects of some interfaces and icons.
  • System: Optimized system stability in some scenes.
  • Display: Fix the problem that the font size setting of certain scenes does not take effect.

Huawei Enjoy Tablet 10.1 HarmonyOS Update

How to Check for Update:

To download this update manually, go to Settings then System & updates, then open Software update, from here select Check for updates. If an update is available it’ll pop up on your phone and an option of Download and install will appear. Press the option and start to download.

On the other hand, you can also request software updates through the My Huawei app. To do this, open the app, go to the Service tab on the bottom bar, tap on the update, then select Check for updates and then download and install.

Things to Remember:

These optimizations for your Huawei Enjoy Tablet 10.1 will arrive via OTA and before you download the update, there are some points to need to take care of. For your information, this update does not erase users’ personal data, but we recommend you take a backup in advance.

Moreover, use a stable connection to download this update by maintaining enough battery and storage on your device. Also, make sure that your device is not root. Lastly, don’t interrupt the installation process.


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