Huawei MateBook E will support Huawei Keyboard App, launched on Windows store

Huawei MateBook E two-in-one is preparing to debut at the November 17 conference, which will come with Huawei Keyboard App support. This Huawei MateBook will have significant improvements and software features to be compatible with the latest Windows 11 operating system.

According to the latest information, a new Huawei Keyboard App has been spotted on the Windows store. This description of the app indicates, this app will only be compatible with the tablet and laptop collection of the Chinese firm. Furthermore, Huawei has submitted this keyboard app on the Microsoft app store just ahead of the launch event.

Huawei MateBook E Keyboard App

As described in the above image, both Huawei laptops and tablets with the latest software compatibilities can be synched with the application. After taking a closer look you’ll find, the displayed images are similar to the two in one Huawei MateBook with a four-narrow bezel design and 3.5mm headphone jack.

Thereby, it’s highly possible that this new Huawei Keyboard app is specially designed for MateBook E. Besides, other reports suggested that the previous Huawei MateBooK E 2019 version won’t support this app.

Huawei MateBook E Keyboard

Moving ahead to the keyboard protective case, the image shows variants in the hinge shape. The protective case cum stand keyboard cover has two different structures- where the first one has a smaller but broader hinge connection, the second one has a larger but slimmer hinge with a side interface.

Huawei November 17th Launch Conference

To date, Huawei has confirmed the launch of the Huawei Watch GT 3, GT Runner, MateBook E, and FreeBuds Lipstick in China. However, there could be more products, but the company hasn’t uncovered them yet. Besides, the Watch GT 3 and FreeBuds Lipstick have already debuted in the global market while the GT Runner will make an initial debut at the event.

As for the Huawei MateBook E, it has been launched previously, but the new model will come with Stylus and Keyboard improvemnts. In addition, it’s the first Huawei product to come with pre-install Windows 11 OS.


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