Xiaomi HyperOS 13 years exploration

HyperOS is remarkable result of 13 years of exploration: Xiaomi Founder

Xiaomi has confirmed the launch date for its self-developed operating system – HyperOS and at the same time, the company defined its journey of 13 years of exploration to form a new software product. Let’s learn how Xiaomi has built this ultimate OS and what goals will it accomplish in the future.

The Founder and CEO of Xiaomi – Lei Jun shared a new post on X (Twitter), citing that HyperOS is a remarkable result of 13 years of exploration and 7 years of research and development. From scratch to the final touch-up, the tech giant aimed to build such a product that not only remains confined to handsets but can be expanded to other devices as well.

In 2010, MIUI came into existence and gave amazing features as well as offerings to users. Alongside improving the software experience to more extent, Xiaomi started working on the Unified IoT device connection protocol and released common IoT modules.

Thereafter, the company activated a cross-platform quick app framework to operate on multiple devices using a single codebase. Taking several significant actions in the world of technology, the OEM initiated the pre-development of Xiaomi Mina OS in 2019.

In 2020, things started shifting towards interconnectivity protocols following which, Xiaomi issued a unified technology architecture design and began the development of a new OS for self-developed EVs. Lastly, the journey reached the unified software architecture in 2022, where the tech giant completed the system development lines integration.

HyperOS – a great achievement!

Yes, Xiaomi is rocking in the tech world thanks to the HyperOS introduction. The new product is helping the company’s growth and regaining the confidence of users in Xiaomi products. However, it would be worth seeing how the tech maker differs its old and new OS. Stay tuned.

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Xiaomi HyperOS 13 years exploration

HyperOS is remarkable result of 13 years of exploration: Xiaomi Founder

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