Intel releases world’s first x86 CPU with HBM memory

Intel today officially launched the world’s first x86 CPU with HBM memory – the Intel Xeon Max series, which is the flagship product line we previously called Sapphire Rapids (HBM). The 56 cores in the new Xeon are all P cores, providing 112 threads and a 350W TDP.

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It uses an EMIB-based design and is divided into four clusters. But most interestingly, it also has 64 GB of HBM2e memory, divided into 4 clusters of 16 GB, with a total memory bandwidth of 1 TB/s and more than 1 GB of HBM per core. Intel also said that the integration of HBM memory requires no code changes and should be seamless and transparent to users.

According to reports, the 56 cores are composed of four Dies and connected using Intel’s Multi-die Interconnect Bridge (EMIB), which encapsulates 64GB of HBM memory, and the platform will use PCIe 5.0 and CXL 1.1 I/O interfaces.

  • With the same HCPG performance, the power consumption is 68% lower than the AMD Milan-X cluster.

  • AMX extensions improve AI performance and provide 8x higher peak throughput than AVX-512 for INT8 and INT32 accumulation operations.

  • Provides the flexibility to operate in different HBM and DDR memory configurations.

Workload Benchmarks:

  • Climate Modeling: 2.4x faster than AMD Milan-X on MPAS-A using only HBM.

  • Molecular Dynamics: On DeePMD, 2.8x better performance compared to the competition with DDR5 memory.

In terms of performance. It can deliver 5x the performance in some workloads compared to older Intel Xeon 8380 series processors or AMD EPYC 7773X.


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