Latest ColorOS update rolling out for Oppo Reno3/3 A, Reno A, Reno4 5G, Find X2/X2 Pro, and A92s

Oppo has started to rollout the new software update for Oppo Reno3/3 A, Reno A, Reno4 5G, Find X2/X2 Pro, and A92s users. This update improves system security via the latest Android patch.

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It bring August security patch for Oppo A92s, Reno4 5G, Find X2/X2 Pro and Reno3 users, which enhances network compatibility, system security and stability. For Oppo Find X2 and Find X2 Pro, this update adds WeChat smart selection of pictures, video rotation, super-definition screenshots among other features.

Oppo Reno4 5G is receving this update adds ultra-clear image quality features, resolves known issues, and improves the overall performance of the system. The Japanese variant of OPPO Reno3 A and OPPO Reno A are fetching the newest update which enhances system security and overall performance.

Below you can check the updated software version and complete the changelog of these devices.

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Oppo Reno3A.19

Oppo Reno3 AA.23

Oppo Reno AA.24

Oppo Reno4 5GA.22

Oppo Find X2A.15

Oppo Find X2 ProA.15

Oppo A92s A.16


Oppo Reno3


  • Integrate Android August 2020 security patch to improve system security


  • Optimize system performance and system stability


  • Optimize network compatibility and improve call experience

Oppo Find X2/Find X2 Pro


  • Added WeChat smart picture selection, you can quickly select collections of pictures, slow motion, continuous shooting and other photos in WeChat.
  • Added video character and scene recognition, one-click video search.
  • Added video rotation. You can rotate the video during editing.
  • New Increase video equal-proportion cropping, edit the video in equal-proportion, add ultra-definition frame, you can intercept the ultra-definition frame image


  • Add “Cancel” button in the save recording dialog box, support return to continue recording,
  • Add global cloud Collection, you can directly save the photos in the browser to the oppo cloud disk.
  • Added a mobile phone butler. One-click physical examination. Increased cloud service activation and cloud service upgrades. The local space can be released through cloud synchronization

Instant recording

  • Added movie filter templates, classic materials Color, light and shadow elements in movies
  • Added personalized music recommendations to quickly and easily create personalized videos.
  • Added smart interception of highlights to quickly generate wonderful videos.
  • Added smart music card points to improve the efficiency of video scoring.


  •  Added Android integration Security patch in August 2020 to improve system security


  • Optimize system performance and solve the problem of frame dropping in some scenes

Oppo A92s


  • Integrate Android August 2020 security patch to improve system security


  • Optimize system performance and system stability.

Oppo Reno4 5G


  •  New Integrated Android August 2020 security patch to improve system security.


  • Added ultra-clear picture quality function, take pictures more clearly.
  • Optimized Rear photo blurry, unclear problems.
  • Optimize the front-facing photo beauty effect.
  • Optimize imaging color, take pictures more realistic.
  • Optimize the front-facing face deformation problem.
  • Optimize the night scene mode to take pictures of over-exposed, unclear problems.
  • Optimization Zoom photo is not clear problem.


  • Optimize system and built-in application stability.
  • Fix video, desktop low probability Cardon problem, improve system smoothness.
  • Optimize fingerprint recognition rates in special scenarios.
  • Optimize the success rate of navigation gestures under the scene with mobile phone case.


  • Optimize GPS stability and solve GPS instability caused by low-probability message blocking.
  • Update the Goeth map to fix the problem of positioning anomalies.


  • Fix silent problems with low-probability media playback and WeChat calls.

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