Layers of Fear 2 is coming to Nintendo Switch on May 20, with more focused on exploration and storytelling

Very soon, the horror about the Hollywood actor Layers of Fear 2 will reach the portable console Nintendo Switch. A horror game with a focus on exploration of the environment from the Polish studio Bloober Team will reach the Switch console next week.

The first part of Layers of Fear from the same studio was released in February 2016 and received a lot of positive feedback from players on Steam. However, the quirky horror film about an artist plunging into madness earned 72 points from critics who criticized the game for being overly cliché.

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The release of Layers of Fear 2 on other platforms took place in May 2019. The game received 2 points less on Metacritic. On Steam it will receive 7 times fewer reviews (1461) than its predecessor, but still, most of them are positive.

The horror film Layers of Fear 2 tells the story of a Hollywood actor who appears in a film onboard an ocean liner. There he was “dragged” by a mysterious director. The Nintendo Switch version will arrive on May 20th. Until May 31, there is a discount in the eShop – the game can be purchased for 2024 rubles.

The past has predetermined your personality and bestowed the skills you need for your craft. The same past disfigured you with deep scars – hidden from everyone, buried in the depths of your soul. You dig deeper and deeper into these memories, but you use the experience you have gained because it allows you to play someone – or anything.

The spotlight snatches your silent silhouette out of the darkness. Not a sound around – just the beating of a heart and the splash of waves crashing against the side. A deep, imperious voice can be heard from afar:

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