Meta AI universe WhatsApp

Meta preps ‘Universe of AI’ for WhatsApp: Get ready for new experience!

AI (Artificial Intelligence) is a hot topic these days and it looks like Meta will soon approach this matter with WhatsApp and other social media platforms. As per the latest revealings, Meta is readying a brand new ‘Universe of AI’ for WhatsApp to revolutionize user interaction.

Mark Zuckerberg recently shared his plans for how Meta is developing an AI Universe for WhatsApp and other messaging platforms. Ahead, the strategy includes AI agents as well as AI-powered chats to reshape the user experience and make the application more effective.

However, Mark stated that the company has to do a lot of work on the foundational aspects before sharing the futuristic experiences with users. To begin with, the team will prepare a text-based AI tool, gradually stepping towards AI-aided filters and ad formats on Instagram alongside video and multi-modal subjects.

Meanwhile, WABetaInfo shared a screenshot revealing how things work with an AI agent. This addition will help users in their daily activities by sending suggestions and AI messages. Things are under development but we will soon have an official look at these capabilities.

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Meta AI universe WhatsApp

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Meta preps ‘Universe of AI’ for WhatsApp: Get ready for new experience!

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