Microsoft will only allow admins to print documents on Windows 11

Windows 11

It’s been a few weeks now since Windows 11 was launched, and as you know, a few known problems came along. One of these problems affects AMD processors, reducing the performance of L3 storage on those CPUs. Many known problems with the initial release of Windows 11 have been fixed with the latest Windows Insiders collection, but there is one known issue that has gone through the cracks.

As noted on the Microsoft support page (via SleepingComputer), there may be some cases where only PC administrators are allowed to print documents on Windows 11. Frankly, the problem will only affect a small group of users. In fact, when printing documents using a print server, users may be asked for administrator permissions every time they try to print using Windows 11.

This only happens if you are using a local print server that is different from the PC itself, so it will not be a big problem for many. No matter, if you happen to be affected, it can be a huge obstacle to production.

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This print problem is not entirely new with Windows 11. Windows 10 users have been hit by the same problem after the September Patch update on Tuesday. However, the issue was resolved last week with the release of the October Patch on Tuesday.

Windows 11

Windows 11 users, however, did not receive that fix. Even the recent updates of Windows Insiders to the Beta channel do not seem to fix this problem, or at least, Microsoft has said nothing about it.

On its support page for details, Microsoft says the repairs are expected by the end of October. Normally, Windows received optional updates by the end of the month, and those updates are submitted to the next month’s release of Patch on Tuesday, which is mandatory.

As such, unless you are willing to update manually, you may be waiting until November to receive updates through Windows Update. However, at least you will be able to fix the problem in a week or two. Microsoft does not provide coverage, so anyone involved should be subject to safety precautions until a repair is made.

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