Microsoft considering low-cost PCs powered by ads and subscriptions

Microsoft may be considering a new low-cost PC driven by Windows 365 cloud computing and advertising in the future. According to a job listing for Microsoft’s chief software engineering manager, the company is looking for someone who can help ” set new directions for the Windows experience and business model .” The listing also mentions ” low-cost PCs powered by ads and subscriptions,” as well as ” new direct cloud hardware devices across work and life .”

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Interestingly, Microsoft’s job listing mentions several product names, including Windows 365 and the newly formed Windows Incubation Team. Microsoft specifically mentions that the work their team is doing will “lead the next wave of cloud innovation for Windows, from defining a new hybrid application model that can scale from on-premises to cloud computing.”

Based on this series of job postings, it appears that Microsoft is considering a thin client-like device. A thin client refers to a computing dumb terminal that basically does not require an application program in a client-server network system. The thin client transmits its mouse, keyboard, and other inputs to the server for processing, and the server sends the processing results back to the thin client for display.

Different thin clients can log in to the server at the same time, simulating an independent and on the server. Thin clients only need a low hardware price to achieve cloud office, and Microsoft’s Windows 365 is indeed a good choice, we can look forward to it.

More than a year ago, Microsoft announced Windows 365, a service that allows businesses to securely stream the full Windows experience, with the operating system hosted on the Microsoft cloud. Employees don’t need special hardware, just sign up for the program to take advantage of a personalized Windows experience.


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