Microsoft releases new version of PowerPoint for Apple iPad

Microsoft just announced the launch of a new version of PowerPoint for iPad and brought a number of new features. Microsoft has added features such as line spacing to the PowerPoint feature library on Apple iPad. The company says this is one of the most requested features from users.


Beyond that, Microsoft offers a range of options, including line spacing before and after paragraphs, and within blocks of text, almost as it does on a desktop computer. Similar to the desktop version of PowerPoint, line spacing is available through a dedicated button on the Home tab of the main interface.

Microsoft announced: “We hear you! Setting the line spacing of your slides to your liking is the most requested feature for iPad PowerPoint users. You can now customize the line spacing before and after paragraphs, within text blocks, and more.”

To change the line spacing on PPT, you can set it by selecting the text, clicking the Line spacing button on the Home tab, and selecting the desired line spacing. It is worth mentioning that the line spacing of PowerPoint for iPad is currently only open to insiders, of course, once the test is completed, all users can experience this feature.

Microsoft says the new feature will be rolled out in stages, and the current version that includes line spacing is 2.59 Bulid 22030101. “Features are released after a period of time to ensure smooth work. We highlight some features that you may not have as they are slowly being released to more insiders.

Sometimes we remove elements based on your feedback to further refine them. While this is rare, we also retain the option to remove a feature from the product entirely, even if you as an insider have the opportunity to try it,” Microsoft explained.


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