Microsoft testing new Office features, Word and PowerPoint can insert pictures directly into Android phones

Microsoft has now introduced a feature to Office Insiders that allows users to insert pictures directly from Android smartphones into Web-based Word or PowerPoint documents.

Moreover, Microsoft launched a new version of the Phone Link application in March of this year, which can transfer files between Windows PCs and Android devices.

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In May, Microsoft released the Drop feature, which allows uploading files through the Edge browser to view your files across various devices.

In addition, Microsoft recently introduced an “Instant Hotspot” feature that allows PCs to automatically connect to a phone’s Wi-Fi network.

Now, Microsoft will provide Word and PowerPoint for the web to provide synergy between mobile phones and computers, which will further strengthen the interconnection between mobile phones and PCs.

Microsoft new Office featuresFirst, open a web-based Word or PowerPoint document and click Insert > Picture > Mobile. Of course, you’ll also need to connect your Android device to your PC before that.

In addition, you can replace the existing picture of the document with the picture from your phone. Microsoft said the feature “will be released over a period of time to make sure everything goes smoothly.”


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