Multi-device feature will allow to use one WhatsApp account in 4 different devices, coming soon

WhatsApp is bringing one after another new feature for the users. On the sidelines, the developers of this messenger also continue to test even new functions for the future such as the upcoming “Multi-device” that has entered in the final phase of the beta release.

WhatsApp is developing its one of the best features that will allow you to use the same WhatsApp id on “4 different devices” simultaneously, reported Wabetainfo.

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Aside from smartphones, the multi-device feature allows users to send or receive messages from your browser, computer, or Facebook portal. Once enabled, all of your linked devices will be able to work without a connection with your phone.

Additionally, WhatsApp is preparing a new user interface for the desktop client, showing the chat history syncing from the device and the process of end-to-end encryption.

This feature is still under development except other including chat history sync, muting chats, starring/delivering messages, and more. When you enroll WhatsApp account to a new device, it will start sync and any new changes from that device will be automatically copied on all of your linked devices.

Currently, the multi-device feature is in the final stage of testing and it may soon rollout with beta via Google Play Store Beta Program, followed by the stable release.

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