Fortnite Halloween 2023 Event October 10

New concept shows come back of Midas to Fortnite

A concept artist has shown the Midas come back to Fortnite, albeit in a different form. However, a concept artist named BattleBadger8 on Reddit has taken creative liberties and created their own version of the character.

Since Midas’ real presence in the game seems unlikely, the concept artist decided to feature Midas’ hand from Kado Thorne’s Vault as an outfit. It may seem goofy, but the concept is undeniably amazing. Midas’ golden hand, detached from his body, has been placed into a mechanical suit.

This unique and outlandish outfit perfectly fits the world of Fortnite. There are two different styles for the outfit, one with a glass case protecting the hand, and another more makeshift version built by Kit.

Payers are impressed by the color combination and attention to detail, making it a desirable outfit to spend V-Bucks on. However, there remains a question, if whether Fortnite will make this concept real in the future or not.

  • For those unfamiliar with the storyline, Midas was last seen being attacked by a Loot Shark and disappeared soon after. Despite assurances from the ex-CCO, Donald Mustard, that Midas is alive and well, he has not been sighted since.

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Fortnite Halloween 2023 Event October 10


New concept shows come back of Midas to Fortnite

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