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OnePlus 12 with Pixelworks X7 integration redefines gaming experience

On January 23, the OnePlus 12 alongside OnePlus 12R and Buds 3 was launched in the global market and the smartphone comes with several prominent features and capabilities. Notably, the global variant of the OnePlus 12 also integrates the Pixelworks X7 Independent Visual Processor to redefine the gaming experience.

Yes, if you are a gaming person then the OnePlus 12 could be a perfect option for you, as OnePlus teamed up with Pixelworks to integrate the Pixelworks X7 independent visual processor, with unparalleled IRX gaming experience featuring silky-smooth motion, high-fidelity visual effects, and sustained cool handling during mobile gaming.

With motion engine technology, the OnePlus 12 provides users with a smoother and more stable 120fps, ultra-clear 2K Super-resolution visual experience. This is accomplished by distributing the rendering architecture of X7, resulting in improved performance, reduced power consumption, and extended battery life during gameplay.

  • It’s a pleasure to collaborate with Pixelworks to bring the X7 independent visual processor to the OnePlus 12. Celebrating a decade of OnePlus, the OnePlus 12 will be the flagship smartphone of the year with excellence in every core aspect. In terms of gaming experience, immersion isthe key factor of an ultimate user experience.

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OnePlus official says, 

  • We worked together with Pixelworks to bring out the distributed rendering architecture and IRX gaming experience on the OnePlus 12. With its powerful rendering capability and smooth-beyond-belief gaming experience, we believe the OnePlus 12 will impress the market with its unparalleled performance and extraordinary picture quality. We look forward to further opportunities to elevate the mobile gaming experience with Pixelworks for our users.”

OnePlus 12 Pixelworks X7 gaming

OnePlus 12 with Pixelworks X7 integration redefines gaming experience

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