OnePlus Android 13 will get new Predictable Back Feature with OxygenOS 13

OnePlus Android 13 Predictable Back Feature

Usually, Android users use the device back button as a multifunctional system key with the ability to perform various actions depending on the application. But OnePlus will bring a new toggle for users that – “Predictable Back” feature with the stable release of Google Android 13 update.


OnePlus Android 13 Predictable Back Feature

OnePlus Android 13 Predictable Back feature will change the behavior of the back gesture or button to avoid accidentally closing an app. However, this feature is currently available for Google Pixel owners, and soon others OEMs will adopt this feature.

Talking about the Android 12 gestures, it allows you to go back and can close the keyboard or the app itself if you’re on the home screen, or return from a menu or browser page. These are fairly standard behavior and have remained consistent over the past few Android versions.

While Android 13 will offer a new Predictable Back feature. Looking at the video embedded below, Google is trying to explain this feature, they are trying the back gesture on the app’s home page gives a zoomed-in view of the app along with a glimpse of the home screen. This indicates to the user that resuming the back gesture will return them to the home screen, allowing them to reverse the action without losing the app.

Coming to the point, OnePlus is also testing OxygenOS 13/Android 13 feature, but haven’t noticed this feature in the changelog. However, we can predict that this feature will provide a safeguard in case of users accidentally start the screen backward. While this may not be a problem for experienced Android users, it can be a fair annoyance for new customers.

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