OnePlus Android 13 will bring more Split-Screen Gestures with OxygenOS 13

OnePlus Android 13 UI

As Android smartphones get bigger and narrower, using split-screen gestures/multitasking is easier than ever. OnePlus has been offering this feature in OxygenOS 12.1 for a while, and launching multi-window mode is as easy as selecting two apps you want to use at the same time.


But, there is something good, better, or excellent that is under development. Yes! Things are going to be very elegant with the stable release of the Android 13 update. At the moment, details about Android 13 are constantly emerging. And Mishaal Rahman’s latest report reveals that Android 13 will offer more split-screen gestures.

OnePlus Android 13 UI

OnePlus Android 13/OxygenOS 13 will bring new Split-Screen Gestures

As we know, among various OEMs OnePlus is also participating in the Android 13 beta program. This suggests that the Chinese tech giant will adopt or improve its OxygenOS 13 features with Google’s Android 13 features. If this goes in the right way OnePlus Android 13/OxygenOS 13 will also bring new Split-Screen Gestures.

New gestures are always welcome, especially if they increase our productivity. Well, with Android 13, you will not only get a new way to open notifications in split-screen mode but also a gesture to launch multiple instances of the same activity (app) on split-screen.

So, when a notification comes, you can long-press on it and drag it to enter split-screen mode. This, of course, will make multitasking even more powerful. When the notification arrives, you will be ready to go straight to split-screen mode.

OnePlus Android 13 Split-Screen Gestures

This feature was included in beta for Android 12L some time ago but was never fully enabled. It’s back in the second developer preview for Android 13, it looks like it’s available immediately. Although this update is under development, we have no confirmation on whether this feature is available in Android 12L or Android 13. But this feature can be very useful for you in both OS versions.

This is just one of the many improvements Android 13 will bring to the table. It looks like Android 13 will have many improvements for big-screen devices. Android 13 Developer Preview 2 includes runtime permissions for app notifications, MIDI 2.0, Bluetooth LE Audio, and many other changes.

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